Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wardrobe Wednesday and Vintage Clothing Makeover: The Mu-Mu Edition

I am double-dipping this week for Wardrobe Wednesday as I wanted to share one of my fabulous vintage dress make-overs. Sharon (my dear friend and neighbour) saw potential in this beauty, and while I was initially doubtful, I am THRILLED at how it turned out. As delightfully comfortable as this dress was pre-remodel, it wasn't doing a lot for my figure... A hem and a belt was all that was needed to update it into a pretty funky dress! I didn't dare hem it myself as that slippery slidey material and the pressure of getting it straight may have just about pushed me over the edge. So, I trusted a dressmaker to do the dirty work. That way, I can get straight down to the business of wearing this fabulous dress! I like to call this look 'mu-mu chic'. What do you think?

I know, I'm extremely photogenic.
Max isn't sure what's happening...

Dress: Vintage remodel
Cardi: Tempt
Belt: Glassons
Boots: Trade Me (these ones!)
Tights: Farmers
Necklace: My precious cameo, bought when I was 15...

See here for more lovely ladies.


  1. Fantastic!! Love it! So glad you listened to your lovely neighbour & gave the mu-mu a chance ;)

  2. awesome restyle!!!
    + cutest boots ever!

  3. Yes I agree! It looks great! And the boots were definately worth the wait, they're gorgeous! x

  4. Looking lovely!