Monday, May 30, 2011

From My Kitchen - Sunday 29th May

Opps, running late this week.We had friends over for dinner last night which was lovely, but threw out my whole Sunday evening routine, which usually includes meal planning for the week and making dinner for Monday night, as I go to the gym after work and don't get home till 7pm. The week's are still crazy busy but I am counting down the days until I get Paddy back from his other woman (15 to go...). His play opens on Saturday!

Anyway, here's dinner this week. No baking, as I won't have time... I'll have to make up for it in the weekend instead :)

Sunday - free-range chicken, vege and wasabi mayo sushi with miso, mushroom and soba noodle soup
Monday - free-range chicken, noodle, sprouted quinoa and raw vege salad with creamy mayo dressing
Tuesday - roasted vege tortilla stacks (silverbeet, pumpkin and mushroom) with brussel sprouts
Wednesday - pumpkin, coconut and ginger soup with homemade garlic bread
Thursday - fresh handmade pasta with cabonara sauce

To Do
- make mayonnaise
- mix no-need bread dough (Tuesday night)
- make pasta dough
- weekly kombucha

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  1. Yum, yum, and yum! Can I come for dinner?? LOL.....just went off sugar and yeast (health reasons) and am browsing all the lovely sites I love for inspiration!! Like the idea of your roasted vege tortilla stacks.....