Sunday, May 1, 2011

Bread Bin Makeover

After the success of the retro cabinet Paddy and I refurbished, I have been feeling quite paint-happy. Painting, itself, is actually very therapeutic, and turning an item from something you would walk past in a shop to something that actually catches your eye is very satisfying! I acquired this bread bin from a friend of my lovely neighbour, Sharon and thought it was dying for a make-over. Blackboard paint has been on my mind lately, so I had a dabble at integrating that into my refurbish.

One undercoat of BIN sealant.
After four coats of 'Anglaise' and three coats of blackboard paint. it's done!

Excuse the light and the corner smudge; that was me cleaning the dust off.

I'm pretty happy with the results, and now I finally have somewhere to store all the bread I make! My next task is to sew some bread bags out of thrifted cotton pillowcases. Watch this space... :)


  1. gorgeous! I gotta get me some blackboard paint. x

  2. Looks great. What a cool idea

  3. Wow Amy!! I love what you did with this bread simple yet really striking! Blackboard paint has been on my brain too....just need to use my head and do something creative with it. Thanks for the inspiration!! Clever girl!