Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thrifting Finds

I have had a lovely weekend, which has involved a visit to a new GIANT op shop and a Sunday treasures market. What more could a girl want than TWO thrifting trips in one weekend! As most people, I always have variable success with my thrifting adventures, and this weekend was a good one!

Here are my finds:

Ten vintage champagne flutes.

An old bevelled frame, for which I have grand plans for.

Two vintage satchels, for Paddy's mountains of marking.

A basket, for which I also have plans for.

I love buying good secondhand; it is the most sustainable and eco-logical option. Why encourage the production of more 'things', when there is an everlasting array of wonderful treasures like these just waiting for new homes! I love looking around my house and seeing that almost everything was bought secondhand, with a purpose and after much waiting and searching. Delayed gratification is rad, and it sure keeps the crap down in our house. So next time you think you simply must have that new something-or-rather, try searching your local op shops and markets for the preloved version. It will cost a hell of a lot less, fill you with a delightful sense of accomplishment and is much better for our beautiful earth.

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