Monday, June 6, 2011

From My Kitchen - Sunday 6th June

A day late again, but since it's a holiday, I'll forgive myself. It has been a busy and relaxing weekend in my world. Paddy's play finally opened on Saturday night, and I have had time to catch up with three different groups of friends this long weekend, as well as finishing a long awaited knitting project! My favourite thing about long weekends is the short week that coincides, and this week coming is no exception. This is the last frantic week for a while, as Paddy's play will close next week and life will return to some sense of normality! Dinners this week are all being cooked the night before, as Paddy needs to eat and leave the house by 5.30pm each night, which is before I even get home! Luckily, my lovely neighbour Sharon has offered to feed us for a couple of nights, so I don't have too much to worry about. But for the remaining days, here's the plan:

Sunday - out for Vietnamese with friends
Monday - mushroom cabonara (from Sharon) with homemade spelt sourdough
Tuesday - slow-cooked free-range pork chops in a soy, ginger and chilli sauce on brown rice with steamed greens
Wednesday - dinner at the neighbours (silverbeet and mince 'Pleasent Peasant' dish)
Thursday - roasted vege and chickpea salad with extra greens

- a thank-you cake for the neighbours!

To Do
- soak rice
- prep veges the night before each meal
- soak chickpeas
- weekly kombucha

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