Sunday, June 26, 2011

From My Kitchen - Sunday 26th June

As you can see from my last post, things are a bit rough around here and I'm really very tired. But, I'm trying my best to keep up a routine, and meal planning really helps with that. So, here's this week's menu:

Sunday - pasta with to-die-for tomato sauce
Monday - broccoli, cauliflower and blue cheese soup with spelt sourdough and cultured butter (yum!!)
Tuesday -Thai green curry with free-range chicken thighs and greens on brown rice
Wednesday - free-range chicken livers with onions, garlic, mushrooms and red wine sauce on spelt sourdough toast with a green salad
Thursday - Moroccan pumpkin and chickpea casserole with homemade garlic naan

- spelt sourdough

To Do
- soak brown rice
- soak chickpeas
- make coconut kefir (for breakfast smoothies)
- make weekly kombucha

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