Monday, July 4, 2011

From My Kitchen - Sunday 3rd July

Well, it's been a very cold week in my house. Our heat-pump decided to spontaneously break last Sunday and finding an Electrician in this city is proving near impossible. Unless you want to wait 3-4 weeks, of course. We have now been a whole week without any substantial heating and it's freezing!! So, soup and lots of clothes are on the menu for this week. The soup I will be eating and the clothes I will be wearing; unless things get desperate...

Sunday - Asian chicken noodle soup (a variation of this recipe)
Monday - slow-cooked spicy Italian sausages with cannellini beans
Tuesday - something with mince, courtesy of Paddy and his craving (only a boy would crave mince!)
Wednesday - mushroom soup with wine and creme fraiche
Thursday - roast pumpkin and homemade feta cannelloni with greens

- spelt sourdough

To Do
- soak cannelini beans
- make kombucha
- soak and sprout mung beans
- make coconut milk kefir

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