Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Detox - Day One

Tonight's dinner - yum!
As I mentioned in this post last week, I decided I wanted to do a detox of sorts during my week of holiday. It's not that I live a particularly toxic life or anything, but my hair isn't as great as it could be, my skin is breaking out in a hormone frenzy and I am feeling a bit bleh. I thought this would be a good way to give my system a clean out, and start with a clean slate. Originally I was planning on including hot yoga classes along with the detox, but I have decided it might be a bit too much for my body to handle, so I will start those once my detox has finished.

There are about a million different types of detoxes around - I did some reading and designed one to suit me. I would recommend checking with your doctor before doing anything like this. I mentioned my plan to mine last time I saw her and she was happy with it.

So what's my plan? Well, it's mainly focused around fresh vege juice, raw veges, nuts and seeds, herbal teas with some warm food added in towards the end. I have chosen all organic veges, fruit and teas. I also plan on taking it pretty easy, using this time to read, walk my puppy and generally relax. Early nights are a must too!

Day One's Eats
9am: lemon juice in 1.5 cups of warm water
10am: 2 cups of green juice with apple, ginger and silverbeet
1pm: 2 cups of green juice with apple, ginger and silverbeet
3pm: 2 cups of green juice with apple, ginger and silverbeet
6pm: big green salad with (all raw) cavolo nero, spinach, savoy cabbage, pumpkin seeds  and sesame seeds with an apple cider vinegar, olive oil and manuka honey dressing topped with a dollop of avocado mashed with lime juice and chilli. 1 cup green juice with apple, ginger and cavolo nero.

It's almost 7pm now and I feel pretty good! Not hungry or tired, just good. I plan on having a cup of nettle tea before bed and a nice early night! Tomorrow will be similar, but with the addition of fruit during the day and miso soup with my salad for dinner. I have also booked a massage, which will be divine, but also help this little detox along.

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