Sunday, July 10, 2011

From My Kitchen - Sunday 10th July

It is the last week of the school term this week, which means I am almost on holiday! After such a busy term and a hell of a year so far, I have decided to take a whole week off during the holidays to catch up on some house stuff and generally relax a bit. I want to attempt a 3-day detox and buy an all-you-can-go hot yoga pass to help with the detoxing and relaxing. I am so excited to be able to spend some time just chilling out and calm my soul for a while. This week will likely be a blur, as I rush through to get everything done before my holiday. Dinners are quick and simple this week and baking is almost non-existent. Trying out a few new baking recipes is definitely on my list of things to do these holidays!

Sunday - dinner with the neighbours
Monday - free-range sweet chilli chicken with spinach on brown rice
Tuesday - pumpkin barley risotto with crispy sage leaves and roasted balsamic beetroot
Wednesday - miso soup with mushrooms, greens and soba noodles
Thursday - roast vegetable frittata with greens

- sourdough spelt

To Do
- make coconut kefir
- make kombucha
- soak brown rice
- marinate chicken

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  1. Good on you for taking some time to restore your soul and recharge your batteries! I was just looking over your menu and was salivating over Tuesday's menu,,,OMG! Looks delish!! Do you have a recipe? I have some lovely sage in the garden just begging to be used. Did you see on Master Chef a while back when Simon Gault fried the sage leaves as a garnish for his risotto? Looked incredible!!