Friday, July 22, 2011

Detox - Day Three

Breakfast - if only it wasn't 2 degrees
outside when I ate this!
Well, I made it the three days of my detox, as planned. I still feel fine - not hungry, tired, grumpy or like I'm 'detoxing' at all... Was it all a waste of time? I'm not actually sure... Maybe as I don't eat a lot of sugar, drink much coffee or alcohol or eat hardly any processed food, I don't really have much in my to detox? Oh well, I've done it now, and so now I know what it is like and can make an educated choice of whether or not to do it again!

Day Three's Eats:
9am: warm water with lemon.
10.30am: fresh pineapple, mango and banana with chia and flaxseed sprinkled on top and a fresh kale, apple, pineapple and mango juice.
12noon: a big green salad with savoy cabbage, cavolo nero, spinach, sorrel, basil, carrot and daikon radish with an olive oil, apple cider vinegar and mustard dressing and a small portion of wholemeal homemade pasta with tomato sauce.
3pm: a fresh kale, apple, ginger juice.
8pm: (late, because I went to an early play) a delicious Burmese meal of many different dishes. Probably not the best way to end a detox, but I wasn't going to miss this - I have been waiting for a reservation at this restaurant for weeks!

What did I learn:
  • I don't like having to control my food, even if it is me in control. I never normally think twice about what I eat, and I didn't enjoy having to decline myself something I felt like because it wasn't part of my detox plan.
  • I freaking love food. Well, I already knew this, but I have confirmed it for good now.
  • It is not that hard to eat fruit and salad and juice for a few days, and it would probably be quite a good thing to do, say, one day a month, to give the ol' digestive system a rest.
  • Winter is not a good time to do a detox - the seasonal veges are not that exciting to repeat for three days and the fruit is almost non-existent (hence the very-unlike-me tropical fruit binge). I think if I was going to do a multi-day detox again, I would do it in the Summer, when produce was more plentiful and it wasn't freezing!
  • It really helps to read books about health and nutrition when you are trying something like this - it really helped to keep my mind on the end goal to be surrounding myself with inspirational books, TV etc. This probably applies to most things, I imagine.
  • Massages are lovely; I should get them more often.

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  1. Ooooh did you go to the Bodhi Tree? Is it still there? That place is A-Freaking-mazing.