Sunday, July 31, 2011

From My Kitchen - Sunday 31st July

So, this week is the first week back for the school term, after a lovely break from work. I have lots on this week - the gym on Monday night, accupuncture on Tuesday night and a few other bits and pieces to get through as well. Tomorrow night's dinner is a quick crock pot meal, but this week I am really lookin forward to Tuesday's meal - I've had this recipe filed away on my Pinterest for a while now and can't wait to taste it made up! I loooove peas, and we have a huge bag in the freezer from mum and dad's garden last Spring. Which reminds me, it's actually about time I planted my own peas, as I'm excited to say, it's allmmmooosst Spring here!

Sunday - free-range pork sausages, roasted Brussels sprouts and kumara wedges
Monday - curried coconut pumpkin and chickpeas on brown rice (made in the crock pot)
Tuesday - spaghetti with green pea pesto
Wednesday - steak and mushroom pie with steamed broccoli and swede mash (we didn't end up having it last week!)
Thursday - fresh vege and noodle salad with creamy avocado dressing

- sourdough
- rhubarb muffins (also didn't end up having them last week)

To Do
- soak chickpeas
- soak brown rice
- defrost pie filling

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  1. God, i wish i could follow your shining example!My dinner tonight consisted of a whole bag of party mix lollies and a hot drink of green ginger wine and lemon/honey/ginger. shames.