Sunday, July 24, 2011

From My Kitchen - Sunday 24th July

Brrr it's a cold one here at the moment - I can hear hail on the roof as I type this and we have had snow flurries throughout the day. Normally I would love this stormy weather but as we lost our heatpump to an aftershock about a month ago, it is not quite as nice to be huddled around a struggling oil heater instead. And you better believe getting out of bed is a mission in itself! Luckily, we are supposedly on an 'emergency waiting list' and should hear from someone in the next 7-10 working days but I am not hopeful... Until then, soup is most definitely on the menu!

Sunday: curried mushroom soup with homemade ciabatta
Monday: warm lentil salad with roasted baby carrots and cauliflower cheese
Tuesday: I'm getting taken out for a dinner date, lucky me!
Wednesday: individual baked pumpkin soups (like these, how cute are they!) with cheese sticks and a green salad
Thursday: steak and mushroom pie with a green salad

- muffins for the freezer - perhaps rhubarb, as I have quite a stash in the garden
- spelt sourdough

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