Sunday, April 29, 2012

From My Kitchen - Sunday 29th April

What an exciting weekend I've had! My 12,000 word research proposal is HANDED IN; Paddy has built me the first of our 6 raised garden beds and I have planted veges in it (kale, rainbow beet, spinach and cos lettuce); we have planted the first two trees (peach and cherry) in our miniature orchard; and I made a delicious batch of croissants for breakfast this morning. Bliss! I have also spent lots of time with lovely friends too. What more could a girl want in a weekend!

This week will see further planting of trees (nectarine and apricot), along with other flowery and herby plants; a birthday dinner for my brother; and the beginning of the next phase of my PhD, the Ethics proposal.

Here's the menu:

Sunday - homemade free-range pork burgers with homemade buns and a variety of fillings
Monday - chickpea and pumpkin tajine and steamed kale with almonds
Tuesday - okonomiyaki (Japanese pizza) with roasted brocolli
Wednesday - vegetarian burritos
Thursday - pizza at my brother's house for his birthday

To Do
- soak the chickpeas
- buy a birthday present
- make wholegrain sourdough
- make muesli

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