Monday, April 2, 2012

Sourdough 101 - Day 3 - 7

Day 1 here
Day 2 here

By now you should have a bubbling bowl of fermenting loveliness and be ready for the next stage - feed and discard. Our yeasty baby needs feeding to keep growing, but we also need to get rid of some of the starter or we will end up with a room full.
The steps we need to follow each day for the next five or so days are this:
  • scoop out and discard about half of your starter
  • stir in another 100 grams of flour and enough water to keep it at a thick batter consistency
  • cover again with glad wrap and put to bed for another 24 hours - it can now live in a draft-free place, at room temperature (maybe on your kitchen bench, out of the sun)
Each day it should get more and more bubbly and start smelling quite yeasty, fruity and sweet.Once it is bubbling away happily and is smelling like a bowl of fermented goodness, we will bake bread!

See the bubbles? That's what we are aiming for!

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