Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Home Sweet Home?

No, home actually is quite sweet. It's the flu I have that isn't so. Yes, that's right, day 2 of freedom from University and I have acquired Paddy's horrible, cottonball-head, bones aching, sore throat, snotty nose, feeling like death flu. Safe to say, I'm not impressed! To rub it in even more, I rolled over yesterday morning and said "I feel like s**t". To which he perkily replied, "I feel GREAT! I should have given my flu to someone days ago!". I repeat, not impressed!

It's ok though I suppose, as I'm on holiday and he is in the throws of performing his latest play, and working. I'm just grumpy because it's 26 degrees in my garden right now, and I would much rather be out there than moping inside because I can't bend over from the aching!

I will be back when I feel better and have achieved something worthy of posting about!

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  1. i know exactly what you mean. We've just had it right through our household as well as a bit of vomiting and diarohea(?) thrown in for good measure. I was full of the flu last Thursday and it was my daughter's third birthday-turned out to be a bit of a stink birthday or her! Lucky she's at an age where it doesn't matter too much to her and we had a party on a lovely sunny day at the weekend. Take care:)