Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I've been kind of obsessing over a few websites lately. So much so that my uni work is not getting done, the dishes stay unwashed until Paddy gives up and does them (not such a bad thing...), I am overdue for a new (and proper) blog post, and most dramatically, I haven't even begun to plan my spring/summer garden yet.
However, with all their distraction power, I decided I must share the love and the websites that are currently taking over my life...

Lisa Leonard Designs
The most beautiful and personalised jewellery ever! I just mentioned to Paddy that if I was my own boyfriend I would be so awesome at buying me presents. I'm not particularly subtle, and that includes at dropping hints. Maybe I'll just email him the links of the things I like?

Gorgeous prints. I actually want them all. So much cuteness, I can't handle it.

Young House Love
An adorable couple, cute baby and an amazing house. I have the overwhelming urge to redecorate. The thing I love most about this blog/website is they do it all themselves! It is a bounty of great do-it-yourself ideas.

Any sites you are currently obsessing over? Do tell...


  1. Just do NOT even start me. Oh wait you just did, tooooo laaaaaaaate!!! Mostly I'm just obsessed with blogs, here are some I think you might like (if you haven't already seen them):,

    Oh I could go on and on. But I'll stop. Those last two are food blogs. We do love the food, after all.

  2. Three great websites. I love the jewellery. I have far too many websites that I visit on a daily basis...such a time waster.