Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Jackets for Cushions

For a long time I have survived with only two couch cushions in my life. I'm not sure why, but that's just the way it has been. For years now, Paddy and I have laid uncomfortably on the couches, our necks at awkward angles, unsupported by the tireless work of one lonely cushion (each). But, with the emergence of our new, improved couch, it was time for a revolution. A new couch needs new cushions. And so, I came, I sewed, and I conquered.
Potentially, we had survived on two cushions for so long because I was too cheap (read: poor) to actually buy any more. After coming across a bargain bin at Spotlight when shopping for material for the couch cover, something came over me, and I splashed out... FOUR new cushions, for the teeny sum of $4 each. However, my cheapness (read: emaciated bank balance) was not willing to splash out for covers for afore mentioned cushions; and I hate HATE paying for things I can do myself. Maybe they won't be as symmetrical or neatly sewed as the ones I could potentially purchase, but at least they will be free! Also, with the high likelihood that Fang will be chewing holes in these cushions in the near future, I wasn't prepared to invest too much.

 Fang's cute little nose, systematically chewing her way out of her house. That hole did not exist a month ago...

 Fang's recent handiwork on my other cushion.

My mum had given me some yellow corduroy a while ago, to 'practice' sewing on, and Paddy's keen eye found a perfectly coordinating burgundy going cheap at Spotlight. These would be perfect.

Now, I am not necessarily a beginner sewer, but I have had 8 or so years off, so my skills are not what one would call 'honed'. I fashioned a pattern (in the loosest sense possible) out of newspaper, and snipped away at my fabric until I had what closely resembled a potential cover. It wasn't until I began sewing the pieces up that I wished I had taken more care to ensure things were square, but oh well, nothing that can't be fixed with permanent mood lighting...

  I used an envelope-style closing as a) I can't afford zips, b) I don't actually know how to put zips in, c) I am lazy, or d) all of the above. Buttons still need to be 'discovered' in mum's sewing kit, but until then, with their back to the couch, I am very happy with my latest craft attempt.

Now, with THREE cushions each, reading has never been more comfortable!


  1. nice job!! I wish I could sew....just need a machine!!!

  2. That couch just keeps getting better and better! xo m.

  3. I dig the yellow and I'm so jealous it's in corduroy. Yellow corduroy! Yum. I have some yellow velvet-ish sort of thrifted fabric earmarked for cushion covers along with some yellow themed cotton scarves destined for the same purpose. Get happy with yellow!

    And that peggy square blanket is adorable.

  4. Aww thanks guys. There is officially nothing sunnier and more cheerful than yellow corduroy. I actually have quite a love for the stuff, and you can bet my bottom dollar my kids are going to be wearing corduroy dungarees for as long as I can convince them to!
    The sewing machine is the best investment ever. I got mine off trademe and it's actually a very sweet story of it's past life. I may have to share one day.
    The couch may have reached it's peak, but I'm pretty happy with the final product :)