Saturday, July 10, 2010

Mid-winter Garden

A snapshot of my mid-winter garden...

Broccoli (my first successful head ever, and there are two more!)


Silverbeet, turnips, cavolo nero, spinach, beetroot

New blueberry plants

New rhubarb plant



Broad bean flowers. No bees around to pollinate them unfortunately. Hopefully come summer they will pod up. The green leaves are good to eat though, for both humans and bunnies.

Align Center


Cherry tree buds

Just arrived this morning! Much daydreaming and planning to be done...

What is in your garden at the moment?


  1. Amy my love, your garden rocks my world!! I can't believe how much stuff you manage to cram into your little space and it all looks absolutely beautiful. You are a gardening goddess.

    I've only been browsing Kings Seeds online but there's nothing like having a nice magazine to page through, marking things here and there. I do declare I've just decided to buy one!

  2. Thank you! I'm blushing...
    I only wish I had much more space to do MORE with!! One day...
    The catalogue is glorious, I must be restrained as I actually have a lot of seeds that need to be used up before I go buying more... Luckily, my credit card is in a block of ice in the freezer until I graduate and am gainfully employed. Consequently, all credit card purchases must go via Paddy and he is good at deciding what I do and don't need. Thank goodness for responsible adults...