Sunday, June 17, 2012

From My Kitchen - Sunday 17th June

Well I've been a bit slack lately, both with blogging and with meal planning. As I've said many times before, juggling study with full time work is pretty time consuming, and I'm glad to say that I've only got four weeks left until I finish work and become a full time student again. While this is a scary jump for us, I am looking forward to having less to fit in in a day! For at least the rest of this year, I will end up with far more time to bake, sew, garden and generally potter around home. The thought of being able to spend the rest of this cold, cold winter snuggled up at home, and not having to drive an hour to work each day is quite appealing! I'll also end up with much more time to blog about the things I am doing, so this space will become much more loved, I hope! I also look forward to a post about some of the delicious breakfasts we have been having lately, after I made an effort to hunt out some new, savory ideas for the cold winter mornings.

In the meantime, here is the next week's worth of eats:

Sunday - Braised leeks with puy lentils and sourdough crumbs
Monday - Organic chicken, pear, kale and blue cheese salad with toasted nuts and honey dressing
Tuesday - Stuffed gem squashes with roasted Brussels sprouts
Wednesday - Organic Moroccan chicken with lemon and olives on brown rice
Thursday - Spicy coconut noodle soup

To Make 
- muesli
- chilli beans for breakfast
- brown rice for breakfast
- scones for lunches

To Do
- soak beans and rice
- soak lentils
- sourdough loaf


  1. Hi - just found your blog via Miriam's fantastic list of ChCh bloggers. I'm trying to head my gluten free family (hubby & our two little ones) in a similar food direction. Rach :)

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