Tuesday, May 22, 2012

From My Kitchen - Sunday 20th May

I actually wrote this on Sunday and then forgot to post it! Duh. I was sick last week so battled through some essential work things for a while and then spent a few days chilling out with my knitting, my animals and some River Cottage repeats. It was just what I needed! I'm feeling much better now and hopefully able to troop through the last 6 weeks of term with no further issues. After that, I will be a free agent, work wise. I officially have 8 more weeks of employment, and then I will be a student again! Scary, but exciting! Hopefully once I have finished work and only have one major thing on my plate, I will have more time to dedicate to this space, too :)

Sunday - handmade pasta with to-die-for tomato sauce, homemade garlic bread and green salad
Monday - vegetarian bean tacos with a choice of fillings
Tuesday - greens soup (silverbeet, kale, cabbage, leeks, parsley and potato) with multigrain sourdough
Wednesday - sausages, homemade wedges, and beetroot and quinoa salad
Thursday - roasted corn pudding in gem squashes with kale salad

To Do:
- make bread and pasta dough
- make sourdough
- soak beans for tacos
- soak quinoa
- find some new breakfast ideas!

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