Friday, January 11, 2013

Recipe Roundup

Hello, hello to anyone out there who still visits this most neglected blog. I've been away a long time due to life taking over and me not having the time, energy, or desire to post. I still use this blog as a reference for many recipes and old meal plans however, so it is not entirely forgotten by me.

As old readers know, I am an avid cook, and love to experiment with seasonal produce, and mainly vegetarian meals. I knew I had a large collection of recipes in various places, and have decided to make it my New Year's goal, to organise them all into a usable resource for myself, and anyone else who is interested. Below is the beginnings of this resource.

What I have done is make a list of all of the recipes, both vegetarian and meat, that I make fairly regularly. Some of these are sides, but most can easily become a complete meal with the addition of some rice or bread and a salad. Some of these recipes are linked to my own, and some and linked to the ones I have used on the Internet before. Some are linked to recipes that are similar to that which I use, but not exact, as I usually free style when I cook. I intend to gradually upload my own recipes and change the links to the exact version I use. So expect to find new additions and changes, as this resource grows.

For more meal ideas, follow my Food board on Pinterest, which is where I keep a lot of new ideas.


Rice paper rolls
Turkish eggs and tomatoes (similar recipe but eliminate the meatballs, put the spices in the tomato sauce instead)
Sushi bowls
Potato salad with tonnata sauce
Satay veges and noodles
Braised leeks and lentils
Greens pasta
Quinoa patties
Pumpkin and chickpea curry - Moroccan OR Indian
Greens pilaf
Stir fry and noodles
Pasta with tomato sauce
Lemon cream pasta
Roast vege and bean salad
Fried rice
Vegetarian lasagna
Cambodian mushrooms - serve with brown rice and flatbreads
Spinach cannelloni
Vegetarian nachos
Pasta with broccoli and feta sauce
Stuffed squashes
Spicy coconut noodle soup
Me gorang
Phad thai
Corn fritters - the first recipe in this forum
Dhal, rice, and flatbread
Leftovers lentil salad
Red lentil soup with lemon
Yellow lentil dhal
Moroccan spiced split lentil soup
Spaghetti with green pea pesto
Ginger soba noodles
Zucchini fritters
Pumpkin soup
Vegetarian okonomiyaki
Mung bean salad in tortillas
Poached eggs, rice, and greens
Coconut curry soup with pumpkin, peas, and brown rice
Hunza pie
Flatbreads with zucchini, lemon, and feta
Mushroom strogonaff
Macaroni cheese
Kale salad
Spinach gloop-filled raviolis
Mushroom risotto
Vege curry
Tomato and spinach barley risotto
Roast pumpkin and sage barley risotto
Lemon, zucchini, and chickpea stir fry
Coconut cream carbonara
Spaghetti with tomato, zucchini, lemon, and garlic
Pasta with zucchini, basil, and parmesan
Vegetarian burritos 
Spinach, feta, and pesto fritters
Potato and onion tart
Miso soup with veges and noodles
Creamy avocado pasta
Salt and vinegar wedges
Crash hot potatoes
Broad bean, pea, orzo, and mint salad with avocado mayonnaise
Spring garden salad
Pumpkin soup with coconut and ginger
Crockpot refried beans


Chorizo and baked bean soup
Rice paper rolls with pork mince
Moroccan meatballs with tomato and eggs
Chicken marbella
Chicken and fruit tagine
Slow cooked pork - honey/soy/five spice OR fennel/lemon/chilli
Chicken soup
Meat pies
Sushi bowls with honey/soy chicken
Vietnamese chicken salad
Tom kha gai
Chicken gulai/three ginger curry
Spicy pork noodles
Good sausages, wedges, green salad
Green curry
Caesar salad
Curried sausages
Tuna pasta salad with hard boiled eggs
Sort of sausage cassoulet
Jerk chicken with salsa verde
Jool's pasta
Spaghetti alla puttanesca


Italian apple cake
Lemon yoghurt cake
Chocolate tart
Feijoa crumble cake
Pear tarte tatin

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