Wednesday, February 23, 2011


I am so, so saddened to write that there has been another massive earthquake in Christchurch, this time much worse. Paddy, myself and our home are ok but our city is destroyed. We have one friend that we know of most likely trapped in the CTV building, one of the worst hit, and are hoping and praying (despite not being religious) for a positive outcome. There are many more people who have been badly injured or killed by this terrible event and the true toll will not be known for days, if not weeks.We are constantly being rocked by huge aftershocks, and sleep is hard to come by.

The devastation is unbelievable. Paddy and I live just a few kilometres from most of these photos.

Please send your thoughts, prayers and strength to those in my beautiful city who need it most. xxx


  1. I'm just so glad you're both okay. Stay safe, stay strong.
    Much love xxxxxx