Sunday, January 23, 2011

From My Kitchen - Sunday 23rd January

Having started my first 'grown-up' job in the past few weeks, I am having to make a lot of adjustments. Six years of Uni has not prepared me for how tired I currently feel at the end of the day (not helped by a 1 hour commute each way), and getting home later in the evenings means I need to be even more organised than I usually am, to get dinner on the table at a reasonable time!

Also, as my job also includes a lot of traveling, keep an eye out for a future post on eating well on-the-road!

- loaf bread
- wholemeal rolls for the freezer
(Still lots in the freezer and I am eating lots of fresh fruit for snacks instead at the moment!)

Sunday - mushroom and thyme risotto with sauteed green beans
Monday - wild venison steaks, potato salad and BBQed, lemon-marinated zucchini
Tuesday - free-range pork chops, pumpkin and kale salad and corn-on-the-cob
Wednesday - caramelised onion, bacon and mushroom tart with garden salad
Thursday - roast pumpkin and tomato lasagna with garden salad

To Do
- marinate zucchini
- make lasagna filling
- make tart filling

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