Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cherry Bounty

We have a 5 year-old cherry tree of unknown variety (although I hypothesise it's a Stella) in our teeny tiny garden. It has the potential to be a full-sized tree, but is planted in a root-restricting bag, in a wine barrel. This, in theory, means it will stay small, but time will tell...
This year we harvested 1.3 glorious kilos of cherries, ready, as always, on Christmas Day. I have been a bit remiss with this post, as we flew up north to see family on Christmas Day, but now seems like a good a time as any to show off the harvest! It's safe to say these cherries were eaten on the plane, and, all gone by lunchtime! Now we sit and wait patiently for next year...


  1. Oh, how gorgeous! Lucky, lucky you! How old is your tree? We lost a cherry tree this year (pesky aphids), but still have one stella and one sunburst growing..although they only went in last winter so are still very small. Can't wait until they fill a bowl for us! :)

  2. It's five years-old, but we've only had it for two years. Such a shame you lost a tree :( I have never had any issues with aphids but they say that a stressed tree/plant attracts them...
    It will be very exciting when you finally get a bowl, well worth the wait! :)