Saturday, November 5, 2011

Life Update

Well, it's been over a month since my last post, in which I filled you all in on the many exciting things that were happening in my life at the moment. I do have somewhat of a tendency to over-commit myself, and this have been another example if this...

But, I've had a few successes, despite my over enthusiasm:

1. I sold my house, all by myself, last Sunday. We don't go unconditional until this Friday, but as it's only conditional on insurance getting approved, and that is just about sorted, it looks like we will be all good to go! This also means we have to move out of our house, in three weeks time... Luckily it's a long weekend in Christchurch next weekend, so we will aim to get a large chunk of it done then. As of yet, we have not found anywhere to buy yet, so at this stage, are moving in with a friend until the right house comes along. House hunting is a tiring hobby, and I can't wait till we find the right one!

2. I have been approved, and officially started my PhD on November 1st. No news on scholarships yet, so fingers are still crossed, but the study is all go! I am going to work and study for a while, until things get too busy, and then I'll cave, and go back to being a student again. I may wonder what the heck I was thinking in a few months time, but oh well, too late now!

3. Paddy and I celebrated our six year anniversary last week. Well actually, we both forgot about it as things have been soooooooo busy. However, a delayed celebration will occur next weekend. I can't believe I've been with this lovely man for six whole years! He still makes me warm and fuzzy inside and I can't wait to start our next adventure together.

4. We had a lovely trip to Melbourne, in which lots of delicious vintage goodies were purchased. And an iPad, which I am quite smitten with. I'm typing this very post on it actually! Speaking of which, if anyone knows of any nice covers, please point me in the right direction. I will share my goodies in a post with more photos in the near future.

5. Earlier this week, 15 litres of elderflower champagne was bottled and is carbonating away in the garage. If you have elderflowers in your area I can't recommend enough to make this incredible elixir. In a glass with some ice and mint, over gin or feijoa vodka or by itself, it is the ultimate summer drink. I posted a recipe here, last year.

Apart from sulking about not getting to do any gardening at the moment, that's pretty much my life in a nutshell! I'll be back again once the packing is done, hopefully with a new home announcement!


  1. You are a wizard! SOOOOO clever to sell your house, just as you were starting to feel overwhelmed by the difficulty of it all.

  2. A whole lot of good news Amy. Well done on selling the house, seems like its a good time to be selling as our house sold within a few weeks too. Lucky you to not have any real estate fees! All the best for fnding a new home-I hope something comes up real soon.

  3. Hey wow, congrats on selling your house! All by yourself?! Awesome.
    Looks like exciting times ahead, albeit busy!

  4. Congrats congrats congrats :-) Full steam ahead lady :-)