Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Touch of Cold

I have been feeling not that great over the past few days; most likely I have ended up with my neighbour's head cold. My throat is on fire, my muscles ache and I have more snot than I know what to do with (TMI? Oh well...). In some nice way, the weather has decided to come to the party, presenting a drizzly, grey few days. This has been a wonderful excuse to stay snuggled up on the couch with warm things and catch up on some reading.

Consequently, this is what has been featuring in my household over the past few days...

Freshly squeezed lemon and ginger juice, with manuka honey.

Organic, homemade stock...
...which Paddy lovingly turned into healing broth for me.

Steam baths, for the ol' sinuses.
Copious amounts of tea.
Grren smoothies. This one was banana, blueberry, spinach, organic yoghurt and raw milk, chia, flaxseed and coconut oil.
Fresh juices. This one was apple, beetroot, ginger, lemon and mint.
Hops and lavendar baths.
Orange juice.

Naps with Max.
And of course, hot, hot buns. Because no Easter would be complete without them.


  1. Can I come to your house when I'm sick, please? I say yes to all fresh juice, tea, soup, smoothies, baths and hot buns. Hope you feel better soon my sweet xx

  2. And a precious puppy also, yes indeed.

  3. yeah I'm with ella!! sounds like the place to be if you've got a cold xo take care

  4. Hope you are feeling better! That looks like one great big ritual with lots of goodies packed in to make you feel better!! Love the look of the bath, can imagine the smell was divine!! Nothing better than homemade stock made into a loving soup....can't beat it!!