Sunday, September 5, 2010

Shaken Up

Well, I had every intention of posting a new entry this weekend, and getting some more sorted for the week. However, I didn't anticipate being thrown out of my bed at 4.35am on Saturday morning by a massive earthquake (7.1) hitting my poor wee hometown. Amazingly, no one died, and although there is alot of very serious damage very close to our house, Paddy, myself and our home and belongings are all unscathed. It's actually very surreal. From our house it looks like nothing has even happened, but turning on the news shows a completely different story. If the buildings weren't so familiar, I would find it hard to believe this was happening only 10 minutes away from us. Check out some of the amazing, and scary photos of the damage here.

We are still getting hit by some pretty big and persistent aftershocks, and I haven't had more than a few hours sleep since it happened. We are all very on edge and every rumble stops you in your tracks, wondering if this will be another big one. It's really not pleasant.

However, I am grateful we are safe and well, and have a roof over our heads. I will be heading back to Dunedin tomorrow (a day late, as I can't bear to leave Paddy just yet), and will be home again next weekend. Hopefully by then, all will have calmed down and my nerves will let me sit down and concentrate.

Until then, take care xxx


  1. Wasn't it sooo terrifying. I absolutely know what you mean about being on edge- every rumble, every bang, every vibration makes my heart jump and I reach out to grab onto something. We are in the same boat as you in terms of being un-injured and not having any damage to our property. Thank goodness. Fingers crossed it's all over now. Stay safe.

  2. How scary. I cannot believe nobody was hurt. Glad you, Paddy and your home are safe & sound.

  3. Glad to hear you are all good. I hope the seeds/seedlings are okay too :)